Sunday, May 23, 2010

Riley's Debut

Well- One day I will figure out how to get these in order- I have tried every which way and I am giving up for the sake of getting them posted- any of you who still read this- tell me what to do!!!

Riley had her Nursery Rhyme performance for her class. It was really cute and Riley made a very cute kitten. She sang Pease Porridge Hot, and was a Little Kitten who had lost her mittens. I am excited to see her in dance in the fall- she is loving the stage!

Daddy and his baby girl! (LOVE this picture of them!)
Papa, Riley and Grandma
The 3 amigos...I mean kittens: Lily, Riley and Emma
Singing Pease Porridge Hot
Jaiden was enjoying the show...he was in front of Matt and I- I think he was trying to figure out how we got back there
3 little kittens, momma cat and Mother Goose
Riley and Lily- best of friends
Matt putting on Lilys nose
My little performer
Getting her nose and whiskers on

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