Monday, October 11, 2010

Can't forget the Baby :)

Oh how this sweet baby boy just melts my heart! I cannot imagine my life without him. He has truly made our family complete. He has been such a trooper on our recent travels. He smile is infectious, he learns and changes each and every day. Watching him grow I am reminded just how amazing and awesome our God is. I love and am so happy that God is in control of his life, that He already knows what and who Jaiden will become.

Little man is working on crawling, and from there it will go so fast. He is shy at times, and loved his mommy and daddy so much. He squeels with delight when Matt walks in and if he doesn't get picked up right away by him, will scream till he does :) He looks so intently at you that you wonder what he is thinking at that moment. He loves to buzz his lips and adores his siblings. He loves to laugh and he loves his school. He just soaks it all in and loves each day.

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