Monday, October 11, 2010

The 3 Amigos

How I love these three!!! They are amazing, wonderful and pure joys to have in my life. I am blessed beyond measure with all of my kids. The thought that God would entrust them to Matt and I is very overwhelming at times. I look back and think of all the mistakes that i have made already in their short lives, and I am astounded that they love me despite it all! A true gift of grace.

Caleb is growing way to fast for me. He will soon be 8! To think that 7+ years have flown by is sobering. I am so blessed that he has a tender heart for others, loves me unconditionally, loves his Daddy and his brothers and sisters like crazy (although he will tell you that at times, he is not particularly fond of them) :) He is playing flag football and loving it. He is now in 2nd grade and doing well. He loves school and loves that I am next door to his school! He continues to be a leader and example to his brothers and sister. He is such a HUGE helper to me and always strives to please us and God. Sometimes he asks me questions that just blow me away, and he remembers everything!

Ian is growing just as fast. He is now in 1st grade, and has made such a huge improvement in maturity. He loves his teacher and tries his best in everything. He loves going to skate church with Matt and hanging out with all the kids! He loves to be outside and takes every opportunity to be out there. He lives his life with such abandon that I hope I can do that as well. At times that abandon gets him into trouble, but I love that he is passionate about so many things. He is so bright and inquisitive. He gets bored easily, so keeping him entertained can be a struggle. He is getting more into having a baby brother....of course it helps that Jaiden is getting more interesting :) He loves his sister and brothers like crazy, he wears his heart on his sleeve which can hurt him at times. He loves God and loves going to church!

Riley is also growing up way to fast....She is still little, but growing in maturity like crazy. Seems like a little adult already. She will be starting Dance/gymnastics soon and I think she will LOVE it! She loves school, her family and life in general. She is now at school with the boys, at EPE. I love that she is right next door and so close. She is back with Ms. Sebrina, who was her first teacher when I started with Wilson Co. She is so smart and very observant. Matt and I think that she is going to be a song writer. She is forever making up songs and preforming them for us. She loves Jaiden immensely and will always help with him. She is longing to start Kindergarten and to turn 5. Insane that she will be 5 so soon!

These 3 keep me on my toes and constantly checking on myself to make sure that I am modeling who I want them to be. I am constantly humbled that I am their mother, and that it is my job to train them in God. I struggle with that responsibility each day....hearing the whispers in my head that lead me to believe I can't do this and that I am not good enough to teach them. I have struggled with that responsibility since the day they are born. But today starts something new. I refuse to listen to those voices and to give into that insecurity. I will not let fear get in the way of my job as their mother and teacher. I love them with all my heart..

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