Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today I am reminded...

of just how blessed I am. I am blessed that at this time, God has seen fit to bless my children with health. Sure- they get the occasional cold and have some allergies. But they are healthy- free of disease. Others are not so lucky. We have known of several friends/acquaintances who have been diagnosed with cancer, or their children have been diagnosed with it. Every time I hear of this- my heart breaks. My prayers rise to the King of Kings for healing, restoration and peace for the family. There are times where my prayers are answered, but not in the way I had hoped...they are made new - a perfect body free from pain and disease and living with the I AM. Each time, I weep in pain for the family, but also with joy.

My children have prayed for these young fighters. One in particular, Hailey Ann, they prayers each night that God would heal her, and if she went to heaven that God would make her family happy about it. They prayed unprompted, but from their heart. The only death they know about takes them to heaven where it is the best place to be! And they are unafraid. One of Caleb's baseball teammates, Jackson Williams, is going through chemo at the moment. Another child in our community, Savannah Swandal, is struggling as they just got word that her cancer has spread. These families need our prayers. These children need our prayers. I have included their CaringBridge sites below. should you choose to visit.

Lord- help me not to ever take for granted their health. Help me to see the blessing when they are clingy because they are not feeling well. Help me to always treasure every moment with them, because those moments might be gone too soon.

Jackson Williams:

Savanna Swandal:

An Angel in Heaven, Hailey Ann Trainer:

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