Saturday, January 15, 2011

Decluttering EVERYTHING!!

Do you ever just feel like there is so much "stuff" that you just don't know what to do? I am there in fact that this weekend is being spent cleaning out and donating lots of "stuff". I am starting with my home, but will so move on in to myself.

First things first (I wish I had taken before and after pictures) I organized the bookshelf. That may not sound like much, but oh my word it needed it BIG TIME! Next I moved to my kitchen cabinets. There is one that is truly a catch all, and was getting rather annoying. So they are not straightened and ready to go. Next I moved on to a drawer that was begging for some attention. Then to all areas of the downstairs, were I sorted baby toys, and cleaned like a mad woman.

Riley and Ian have helped by picking up their rooms. Now, at this time they just have Rubbermaid tubs to hold their toys and stuff in. Matt and I are going to be building a storage unit for the boys room and for Rileys room this spring. Once we get those built, it will be easier for the kids to clean up and keep their stuff up. at that time we will also sort through toys and let them choose what to keep and what to donate. I plan on continuing to rotate some toys (2 tubs in the attic, and then I can swap them every few months) but most will be in their room.

I am going to tackle the attic and garage tomorrow and Monday. I am so ready to be able to walk in the attic and to park in the garage :)

I know this post wasn't too interesting I am sure....but at times it helps me to list what I am going to post how I am decluttering my life!

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