Thursday, December 14, 2006

How do you..

get a clingy baby to uncling to you? This may sound like an odd question coming from a mom of 3, but the boys were pretty much independent and did their own thing. Little miss on the other hand...well- we are going nuts!! If I am not holding her, she is crying. If I leave the room, she is screaming and crying. When we drop her off for bible class, she is crying. Now I am not talking boo hoo hoo crying, I am talking full fledged screaming, red in the face, not going to stop till you cave in and hold me kind of crying. I love her to death and don't mind holding her, but there comes a time when Mommy needs a break and has to take care of the other kids. She gets so jealous when the boys give me a hug or come near me. So for all you other moms out there- if your child was a tad clingy, how did you deal?


Lisa said...

First of all, I've noticed girls are different from boys in this way, & there's really no way to completely escape it. Sorry. :) But, I think the more often you leave her for short periods of time, then show her you'll always come back, the more used to it she gets. I don't know exactly how long that takes, but ... hopefully not forever. :) My second was the hardest to drop off at Bible class, & it helped us a lot if it was my husband dropping Jeremy off; when I dropped him off, he cried harder.

Anonymous said...

I only have one kiddo, but she is a girl. When I drop her off, I don't do the sneek out thing. I tell her bye-bye, I"ll be back soon. She usually cries for a minute or two, but stops after I'm gone. Lisa's suggestions were great. Hope it gets better soon! Just remember, crying does not mean she's dying. It's okay to let them cry sometimes, you need a break. When I can't hold Abby because I'm trying to get dinner together in a hurry or something, I set her on the floor and tell her I'm sorry I can't hold you right now, but you are welcome to play with these toys right here. She lays on the floor and cries for a few minutes, and then when she sees that I'm not picking her up, she starts playing with her toys. Andrea