Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Our home

* Kitchen*
*Master Bedroom*
*Family Room*
*Overstuffed Garage (empty and random boxes)*
* Kids Playroom*
*Boys Room*
*Riley's Room*
*Boys Room*
*Office/ Living Room*

I have gotten a few requests, so here are a few pictures of our home. We are still in the unpacking process and probably will be until the first of the year. It is harder to get things unpacked and put away with 3 kids. But we have our Christmas decorations up and the kids are enjoying them. We don't have any lights outside yet, and not sure if we will this year. It is a really steep room and we don't have a ladder tall enough to get the lights up. I'm not a crazy fan of Matt tying a rope around the chimney and himself to put them up. So maybe next year we will have some pictures of our home all light up.

We are really excited to have Tommy, Michelle, Claire, Emilyn and Allie Ann Noel stopping by on their way to and from KY. We also have the best opportunity to get together with them while we are all up there. I am so glad that Tom and Matt's family are good friends. Caleb and Ian will be so happy to see Claire and Emi. Then We have the Welches stopping by on their long drive back from Boston. So we will get to see Emma and Garrett too! Caleb, Ian and Riley get the best Christmas presents this year! So do Matt and I- getting to see some of our best friends. It is the little things that make us happy!


laura bull said...

the house looks great! i know you're ready to be settled, and it looks like you're getting there! so glad that you're going to get to have visitors too! i know that will mean so much to all of you! have a merry christmas!

The Channings said...

I love the pics! Shelby and Riley have the same bedding. Gotta love Target and Amy Coe!!

Marie said...

I love our bedding! We got it hoping that she would really turn out to be a girl! :) Not sure if I could live with out Target (or walmart for that matter)!

Kann said...

It's beautiful Marie!

Chad Gardner said...

I like the picture of the kitchen where Riley is opening up the cabinet under the sink and about to drink some Drano... very safe... hahaha

Marie said...

yea...we are working on that. She loves to play with the chemicals! In reality she is susie home-maker and lines them up on the floor and tries to put the dishwasher liquid in the dishwasher. At least she has not figures out how to open the tops yet- then we are in trouble! :)

jonandjen said...

The pictures are wonderful. You've been a blogging fiend apparently while I haven't been checking the last couple of days. I enjoyed catching up!