Friday, December 12, 2008

Playing Catch Up!

Well, I have to start off my apologizing. The slide show sites and I just could not get along, so you will have to scroll down through the post. One day we will work out our differences! :) Any who, these photos were from our trip to Indiana in October. We went for a weekend at the very end of the fall break for our county. Linda and I were attending a 12-hour crop that Saturday (previous post) so we made a long weekend of it. We took the kids out to Hubers Farm in Starlight, IN. They always have a blast there. We went to the petting zoo area and they have added so much! Since it was close to Halloween, there were beautiful pumpkins in the patches and the weather was perfect. The kids had a hayday on the slides, the bounce area and visiting the animals. Here are just a few (well maybe more than a few- hey! It's been a while...) that I picked.

*Uncle Matt and Jake- despite his expression he loved it! He broke into a smile after I shot this
*Heather and Kait- she lost her shoe on the way down- but held on to it.
*Riley- this is like the millionth slide- she loved it
*Technically they were not supposed to go down together, but since all the parents were at the bottom, we let it slide
*The slide is really long, but great for the belly slide
* Riley on the tractor- she had trouble pushing the peddle down with her toe
* Caleb had a blast- the only complaint? They didn't go fast enough!
*Caleb hitching a ride with Ian- Caleb's time ran out, Ian was kind enough to share
*This little bridge was not to functional- we had to push them up onto it
*Who is going to win the race?
*We finally put Riley on with Caleb since she couldn't push the peddle- They had a ton of fun
*Riley getting settled
*Sliding down the HUGE bounce platform
*They all got some serious air on here
*Riley held on to me for a while and then decided she could do it on her own
*The boys would jump from the top and roll down the sides to the dirt
*Rolling- That was apparently the most fun for the boys
*The boys
*Looking at the rooster and chickens
*Caleb and his very hungry Rabbit
*The pen of rabbits were a hit- they would hop over and eat the grass out of your hand. I know the kids stayed there for at least 30 min.
*The goats

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